Still ‘Roaring’ for 2021

A quick update today on the British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa in 2021!

World Rugby will be meeting next week (15 June 2020) to discuss the international fixtures and the way forward, along with domestic fixtures and naturally the British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa falls into the mix and is top of the agenda for discussion.

Speaking to Jason Leonard Chairman of The Lions 2021 in London this week, he informed me that all will be revealed during the first week of July 2020.

The general feeling is the British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa will be pushed out to October/November 2021 as this will fall into the new international window as well as give some extra time for COVID–19 to settle, allowing for the all-important crowd participation. This thinking was also supported by Scott Hastings with some inside information from SARU.

However, given the current uncertainty in the world today, this is not set in stone but the good news is than come early July 2020, we will be able to announce and confirm the British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour dates to South Africa in 2021. Personally, I would welcome the postponement to October/November due to the weather being warmer in South Africa - the bitter Highveld winter will be over and the wet weather in the Western Cape less of a factor to be considered.

At this stage, we are still unable to confirm ticket and hospitality pricing for the British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa in 2021 as SARU and British and Irish Lions need to finalise these details, but rest assured SWB SPORTS will have a sufficient quota for its clients! We are in regular contact with the men and women ‘in the know’ and will keep you posted just as soon as we can confirm arrangements to ensure that you can take advantage of the strong Pound against the Rand, to book flights and secure your tickets, hospitality packages and accommodation as soon as possible.

Together with Stef Terblanche, ex Springbok player and CEO of the SA Rugby Legends we are planning to host a SA Legends VS British and Irish Lions Legends game at the Pirates Club in Greenside, Johannesburg on the Friday evening prior to Final Test at Emirates Airline Park. This will be preceded by a Pirates Sportsman’s Lunch on the Thursday.

I’m really looking forward to Super Rugby kicking off this weekend in New Zealand, which will be played with crowds in attendance. The Italian, Spanish and French football leagues also get underway this month, as well as the European and American golf circuits.

It’s all heading in the right direction, although the sporting world may not go back to what it once was – the domestic seasons will undergo a transformation, with specific focus here in South Africa on rugby. The Six Nations may be played over a season, whilst Northern/Southern hemisphere tours might occur during an international window in October and November. This is just my opinion, and what we are all hearing as we re-build a new ‘sporting normal’.

So hang in there – July is around the corner when SWB SPORTS will be in touch to once again offer its clients enjoyable, fun-filled packages and options while providing top quality entertainment.

Take care and stay safe.


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